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In case you missed it…

"The Seven Deadly Sins" supper club on March 31st

We are throwing a “7 deadly sins” event for our supperclub, Les Salonnieres.

This month’s salon, The Seven Deadly Sins, will take attendees on a journey, beginning the moment they buy the tickets. Guests will not meet at the restaurant, but along the way, following a trail of breadcrumbs on their way to our dining venue, along the way encountering those who have fallen victim to the seven deadly sins. The experience is designed to see how we can get guests out of their shells, enchant them, and open them up to an evening of revelry with new friends. Pulqueria is about to launch their new menu and the food is going to be absolutely mind blowing.

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased here - http://sevendeadlysins.eventbee.com/


Wine will be provided by HOBNOB - Wickedly Red and Chardonnay
A tequila cocktail will be provided by Pulqueria

1. ceviche tostada- lime marinated local fluke- chile guajillo and chile de arbol, avocado and tequila

2. sopes de champinones- roasted portabelo and shitake mushrooms with fried shallot, epazote and a poblano cognac salsa

3. chuletas asada- seared porkshops w/fried jalepeno , caramalized onion and salsa verde

4. barbacoa de costilla- grassfed beef shortribs braised in cumin,clove and coriander and chile and negra modelo

5. mole rojo with quail- brined and grilled quail, with classic red mole

6. served with tortillas, chile-peanut roasted mexican veggies, and drunken beans


7.mezcal and dark chocolate truffle

8. strawberry rum flan w/ rum butterscotch


Jazz Age Lawn Party

It’s unfaire we missed that timeage…

Back to the 1920s!


On November 14th, Flavorpill welcomed the new Beaujolais with Adam Aleksander.

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Smeyne.